Information about WHiNC

How it works

How it works

For Suppliers

Simply register for an account, click post a new listing, take a photo, write a short description and add a daily/hourly or package price. In order to get paid you will need to add your bank account or register for a business/Merchant account with Paypal which takes 5 minutes. You will then need to link your Paypal account through your WHiNC account and once this is done you can sit back and wait for the bookings to come in.
Note: Don't forget to leave your customers a review after completing a transaction!

For Renters

Simply register for an account, search through our listings, and book your items instantly and securely
via Paypal or Stripe. Organise the collection place and time with the supplier and ensure the items are returned on time.
Note: Don't forget to leave your suppliers a review after completing a transaction!


How do I create a WHiNC account?
Click here to go to our sign up page.
Is it free to create an account?
Yes! There are no costs to set up a WHiNC account.
How do I link up my PayPal 'Business' account?
Click on your profile picture or initials-settings-payments or click here:*/settings/payments
How do I get paid when someone books my item?
Once a booking is confirmed the payment will be transferred through PayPal directly to your PayPal account or bank account if you have set this up.
Does WHiNC supply wedding items only?
At this time we are solely focussed on bringing you the best wedding hire items available. As WHiNCs wedding marketplace grows so will the features, services and vision of our company.
What fees are associated with WHiNC?
For both casual and in-trade sellers, success fees apply when your item is booked. Fees can be refunded if the transaction isn’t completed. Success fees are 7% of the sale, if you are using your bank account there are no additional fees, if you are using paypal there maybe additional fees.
How do I contact WHiNC?
The best way to contact us is via email: Alernatively send us a message here or use the live chat feature on our site.
Is WHiNC a New Zealand owned and operated company?
Yes! WHiNC was created by a New Zealand couple after planning their own wedding. They noticed a gap in the market for a more streamlined and efficient online presence for booking items to create their perfect day. They also wanted a place for casual users to be able to hire out items they may have purchased or built for their day, that they perhaps did not want to sell, but have the option to hire them out.
Where can I read the 'Terms of Use'?
Follow the link here to our 'Terms of Use'
What can't you list on WHiNC?
Occasionaly we may need to remove a listing if it violates our Terms and Conditions or company polices. E.g. You cannot list; alcohol, illegal substances, copyrighted items etc. For more information please see our Terms of Use or contact us directly.
Paypal Policies
Follow the link here to PayPals Policies and Help page.